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Buddha's Cup


This coffee is the flagship of the estate. Grown and roasted on the family estate, it is 100% Kona and expresses the temperament of Hawaiian coffee. Awarded with numerous awards, Buddha's Cup coffee makes an exceptional cup.



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  • Origin Hawaï
  • Varietal Typica
  • Altitude 750 m
  • Preparation Washed
  • Roast Type Medium
Buddha's Cup Estate
Christine Coleman - CEO
This coffee reflects the desire of Christine Coleman and her family to revive the coffee culture of excellence in Hawaii.

The story behind

With beans exclusively from the original plot of the estate, Buddha's Cup is one of Kona's jewels. 


When Christine Coleman, founder of the estate, arrived 17 years ago, she revived this abandoned Typica coffee plantation. Indeed, the coffee culture, long neglected, concerned only a handful of producers who did not seek to develop the quality of this terroir but used its name and fame to sell coffees. Legislation allows the use of the Kona name if at least 10% of the beans are actually from the region, incentivizing those producers to focus on the marketing of 10% Kona coffees. She decided to offer a 100% Kona coffee with exceptional qualities and set to work to achieve this goal. Today's Buddha's Cup is the culmination of years of work to perfect growing, grain preparation and roasting techniques.


This coffee comes from a plot that is unique by the richness of its ecosystem. It enjoys an ideal climate and exposure, especially thanks to its high altitude. In addition, the presence of century-old trees including the precious Ohia Trees (native trees of the region) that shade the coffee trees, as well as the mineral richness of the volcanic soil, give the grains the inimitable taste of the Kona terroir.

In this coffee, the essence of Kona's terroir, in the pure local coffee tradition, is expressed with delicacy.