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Automatic Pour Over Barista

This Coffee Maker is the gem of the collection, its aesthetic makes it unique. 

You can program your preferences and admire the preparation of your coffee in complete serenity. Thanks to its built-in scale and thermometer, it takes into account the exact weight of the ground coffee in the filter and provides the ideal volume of water at the appropriate rate, temperature and flow.


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• Beautiful, Sophisticated, Expert

• Top of the range

• The coffee-shop experience at home

• The incomparable finesse of a coffee perfectly brewed


The BEEM range stands out for its quality, its robustness, and its well-thought-out systems. 

This machine reproduces the Barista's gesture to infuse your coffee according to the professional standards. The coffee flows into an insulated-necked carafe that allows it to be served with ease and elegance

Just like at the coffee shop, the preparation of your coffee becomes a true ceremony. Each phase is magnified, from the water boiling to the coffee cupping.



Filter Coffee Machine with scale ; Smart Boiler ; Rotary brewing head enables circular infusion according to the baristas' best practices ; 0.75L borosilicate glass carafe with thermally insulated silicone ring for pleasant greasing ; filter holder ; LC-display to control all functions (temperature, coffee-water balance, and programmable 24hr timer
Includes: carafe, filter holder, filter holder support

The Automatic Poor Over Barista machine excels in accuracy and knows how to reveal at best the exceptional coffees of our producers.

We find the quality of a manual brewing that only humans can bring.

Tips for use

We recommend that coffees best suited for brewing methods be preferred. The water tank is to be filled to the maximum, the machine will only take the necessary volume. By default, the brewing temperature is 93°C and the water/coffee ratio is 15 cl per g of coffee. Do not hesitate to adjust the settings to your preferences.
To enjoy a freshly ground coffee, it is necessary to grind your beans at the last moment before launching the machine. Cleaning is limited to washing the filter holder and the carafe. We recommend using the BEEM paper filters, designed to fit the filter holder.

Remember to keep the grounds to boost your plants.