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Pour Over Carafe

This Carafe is designed to support a filter at its top to infuse coffee. It will then become a pourer. Easy to handle, grab, and wash, it comes with a reusable filter.


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• Practical, Balanced, Eco-responsible

• A great classic 

• A thorough manual preparation 


The BEEM range stands out for its quality, its robustness, and its well-thought-out systems. 

The Pour Over Carafe has become a classic with its distinctive design and maneuverability. An indispensable tool for the barista, it has its place among the kitchen accessories.

The Pour Over method (filter) is the one that requires the most attention, time and effort. But it is also the one that gives you the greatest control.



Manual Coffee Maker ; Carafe made of borosilicate glass ; 0,75L capacity ; Heat insulating silicone ring ; Includes a permanent filter made stainless steel

This invites us to deepen the search for taste and to treat the finest coffees with the respect they deserve.

Tips for use

We recommend that coffees best suited for brewing methods be preferred. The freshly ground coffee should be placed in the permanent filter on the upper part of the carafe, before pouring the water at the desired rate. The ideal brewing temperature is between 92 and 94 degrees Celsius.
Note that the grind size must remain high enough for the permanent filter to retain the coffee. A paper filter can of course be used to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Remember to keep the grounds to boost your plants.