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Pour Over Kettle

This kettle combines elegance and maneuverability. Its long, thin spout is ideal for providing a precise and controlled flow. Its built-in thermometer lets you know the water temperature and thus makes it easier to prepare coffee the right way. Its wooden handle allows for a firm and safe seizure.


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• Refined, Indispensable, Elemental

• Essential accessory for manual brewing

• Precision and refinement


The BEEM range stands out for its quality, its robustness, and its well-thought-out systems.

If the Carafe or the Set are obviously the central elements of the preparation of coffee, it is through the kettle that you will optimize it. Water too hot, poorly distributed, with too powerful a flow, would spoil this preparation. This Kettle is the ideal tool to stay in control and focus on the gesture itself. 

Preferred for the preparation of a large number of cups. Find here a model of lesser capacity.




Includes thermometer for optimal coffee brewing temperature ; 1,2L capacity (up to 9 cups) ; Wooden handle 

With this sophisticated kettle that relieves you of the control of the flow and temperature of the water, you will master the Pour Over brewing.

It is by experimenting and perfecting your gestures that you will reach the most interesting cup.

Tips for use

Works with a hot plate. Not recommended for gas systems that could damage the base.