Buddha's Cup Estate


For 17 years now, the Buddha's Cup estate has been revolutionizing the coffee stage in Hawaii. Mastering all the steps from seed to cup, it brings to the world ever more exceptional and innovative coffees. Kona coffee is brought back to its former glory and lives up to its international reputation.

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Located on the island of Big Island in the Hawaiian Archipelago, the Buddha’s Cup estate is present in two different terroirs.


The first one, historically speaking, is Kona, very renowned for its coffee culture, in the western part of the island.


The second one, a new creation, is Hilo, on the east side of the island.


The philosophy of the estate is based above all on the protection of the natural environment surrounding the coffee trees.

The Kona region, whose name and label of origin is strictly regulated and circumscribed (40 square km), was the starting point of the estate 17 years ago.


Over the years, the estate has grown by acquiring different parcels of land; this as much for the preservation of the region’s agricultural heritage as for the desire to control and preserve local biodiversity.


The plots located in Kona benefit from a particularly rich natural ecosystem with coffee trees surrounded by native trees living in symbiosis. The estate seeks to protect this heritage.

For the past three years, the estate has been experimenting with coffee cultivation in the Hilo region, on the opposite side of the island compared to Kona.


New plants and new techniques are successfully tested through a first and very special Hilo coffee.


On a plot free of vegetation, different varieties of coffee trees have been planted as well as complementary fruit trees in order to create a natural ecosystem allowing a harmonious flourishing of the plantation.

The estate is a real family business where everyone shows passion and creativity.


Christine, owner of the estate, brings each coffee to life by giving it its identity. She advocates her values to the professionals and the public. Her love for nature and her concern for quality, which she got through her grandfather winemaker, allowed the estate to offer coffees more and more exceptional over the years. The awards and prices won by their coffees, on the local, national or international stage, are a real proof of recognition for this committed company.
Through Christine, Buddha’s Cup demonstrates that a path of excellence is possible and leads to a real local makeover. By defending the “100% Kona” (current regulations allow a coffee to be named Kona containing only 10% of Kona beans) and by promoting environmentally friendly practices through biodynamics methods, Christine gives hope that the world of coffee can change.

Manny, the coffee grower of the estate, lives in symbiosis with nature.


His know-how on every step of the coffee cultivation is impressive and he is always in action in some parcel of the estate making sure everything is in order. Passionate about plants, he has his own greenhouse. That is where he grows and selects the coffee trees he wants to plant next on the estate, and where he produces the other plants and trees that will accompany them in symbiosis. Always looking for new and proactive methods in experimentation, he produces his own soil and likes to take care of each of his trees. He also enjoys picking cherries, which optimal maturity he can feel with his fingertips. He coordinates all the transformation steps (washing, drying, etc), and goes so far as to choose the fermentation yeasts for each batch of grains harvested.

Justin, Christine’s son, carries the heavy responsibility of Master Roaster of the estate.


He brings the final touch to the grains that have been worked, dried and preserved with such care by the rest of the team. He masters like no one else the unique roaster of the Buddha’s Cup estate, an air roaster, which requires real know-how. Unbeatable on the different tastes and aromas of coffee, it is up to him to deliver all the nuances and richness of the aromas of the coffees of the estate.

Buddha's Cup Estate

Find below a unique selection of coffees of the estate, from Kona to Hilo. We are glad to have the chance of offering you these extremely rare coffees in the context of our privileged partnership with the estate.