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Imagine Blu

United States

This 100% Kona coffee is the result of years of perfecting biodynamics and developing an innovative technology that makes it unique in the world. The result in the cup is particularly stunning as an espresso.



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  • Origin United States
  • Variety Typica
  • Altitude 700 m
  • Preparation Washed, UVB infused
  • Roast Type Medium
Domaine Buddha's Cup
Christine Coleman - Fondatrice
Christine though this coffee wants to invite to a trip in which well-being and respect for nature are the guiding threads.

The story behind

Imagine is a 100% Kona coffee grown on the second plot rehabilitated by the estate. Typica coffee trees thrive in a biodynamic ecosystem that is preserved and revitalized. Indeed, the philosophy of the estate is to allow coffee trees to flourish in a protected environment, avoiding all possible disturbances coming from the surroundings.


This coffee has the characteristics of Kona resulting from the mineral-rich volcanic soil and the local microclimate. The coffee trees are accompanied by complementary trees, mainly macadamia trees.


The Imagine coffee is here in its ultra-limited edition. The grains were carefully "infused" with Blu Light before they were roasted. This light is commonly used for wellness purposes in relaxation and care centers.


The estate has a Blu-Room, allowing the implementation of this technique unique in the world as part of the pre-roasting bean preparation, which gives the Imagine coffee an inimitable sensory dimension.

An approach unique in the world

Well-being is the course of action of the estate, and this is particularly evident in the special treatment of this Imagine café.
In addition to biodynamic agriculture, special care is taken through a sound input carefully chosen during the development of the plant and its fruition. You then get a green coffee that by staying in the Blu-Room can give its full potential at the roasting.
This unique experience gives a very surprising result in the cup, and in general coffee is sublimated.