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Manny's Brew


This Hawaiian coffee is the first of a new terroir: Hilo. It is the signature of a passionate coffee farmer who is bursting with energy and creative imagination.



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  • Origin Hawaï
  • Varietal Pink & Yellow Cattura, Red Bourbon, Americana, Molokai Peaberry, Typica Dwarf
  • Altitude 600 m
  • Preparation Washed
  • Roast Type Medium
Buddha's Cup Estate
Manny Ochoa - Coffee Maestro
This coffee lives up to its name: it is the most personal creation of the coffee farmer Manny, magician of plants.

The story behind

This coffee comes from the plot of the estate located in the Hilo region, on the opposite coast of Big Island compared to Kona.


It is Manny, the coffee farmer of the estate, who realizes his dream by creating this coffee. He was thus able to bring to life all the ideas he could not realize in Kona.


On a free field, he started growing coffee trees by carrying out all kinds of experiments. Thus he practices the random planting of coffee trees of different varieties, six in total. He plays on the natural inclinations of the soil and implants other fruit trees to enrich the symbiotic exchanges and provide shade to the coffee trees.


The presence of citrus trees, cocoa trees, and other aromatic plants, adding to the diversity of coffee varieties with their own aromas, makes this coffee a veritable explosion of flavors.


Moreover, the earth and sun exposure are very different from those of Kona, making this coffee stand out for its sweetness that makes it unique for Hawaii.

A coffee coming out of a Garden

This coffee seduces by its unusual taste, and its genesis makes us passionate. It illustrates the importance that the impact of environment around the coffee trees has on the cup. Indeed, if a safeguarded natural environment like Kona’s gives an exceptional coffee, working a new virtuous environment can result in an equally interesting result in terms of flavor and quality. Thank you Manny.

Each vintage is produced in reduced quantities.