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Fresh Aroma Perfect Superior All-In-1

This Coffee Maker All-In-1 is the reference of the BEEM range. Its modern aesthetic conceals a concentration of power and technique. Thanks to its 28-position conical built-in grinder, coffee is ground optimally and accurately. It automatically doses coffee and water to balance. Fill the water tank and the coffee tank, set the number of cups up to 12 as well as the desired coffee concentration, and the work begins.


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• Sober, Powerful, Automatic

• Long-Term and eco-responsible investment

• Essential for a group of coffee drinkers

• Enjoy a good coffee in whole beans


The BEEM range stands out for its quality, its robustness, and its well-thought-out systems. 

Programmable, it keeps your coffee at the right temperature once the infusion is finished through its integrated hot plate. It has a stopper nozzle so you can serve coffee before the end of the brewing.

The Fresh Aroma Perfect Superior Coffee Maker is the best suited of the range for frequent and quantitative use. It comes with an easily accessible reusable filter, it's easily cleanable and autonomous.

Compact shaped, this coffee maker will find its rightful place at home or at the office. Its large capacity meets everyone's needs throughout the day. It is made for frequent or even intensive use. 



Filter Coffee Machine with Integrated Coffee Grinder, Intelligent Water Supply & Heating Plate ; 28-stage precision conic grinder ; 1L water tank and 200g coffee beans tank ; Glass Jug of a 12 cups capacity with easy handle ; LC-display to chose coffee density and cup quantity, and 24hr programmable timer
Includes: Glass Jug, Reusable Filter

This Coffee Maker combines simplicity with reliability, while delivering a high quality cup.

The built-in grinder provides effortless access to the best of aroma-rich whole bean coffees, while enjoying the pleasant freshness of a coffee ground on demand.

Tips for use

Take the time to adjust the grind size and vary the taste by testing the different possible concentrations.
Just fill the water tank and the bean tank regularly, and place the empty permanent filter between each infusion.
Note that you can use a paper filter, or use pre-ground coffee without activating the grinder.

Remember to keep the grounds to boost your plants.