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Pour Over Set

The Pour Over Set makes it easier to manually prepare a coffee to be shared.


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• Timeless, Original, Ergonomic

• Ideal for a collective ritual

• Optimal preparation control


The BEEM range stands out for its quality, its robustness, and its well-thought-out systems. 

This filter preparation set has many advantages. Filter holder and pourer are independent and removable, while being stabilized on the stand by rubber reinforcements. Its use is therefore easy and secure. Its modern design is due to the harmonious use of the different materials (porcelain, glass, rubber, plexiglass). The set can simply cleaned using water.

In addition, the set aims to make the infusion of coffee a very convivial moment. It allows you to sit at the table or on a coffee table, and to share thoughts and feeling on the coffee as its aromas get released.



Manual coffee maker ; 4-part Set : hand filter, 0,5L glass jug, lid frame & silicone pad ; 10 filters included

The extra effort will be rewarded in the cup and this set through to its design enhances it.

The Pour Over method (filter) is the one that requires the most attention, time and effort. But it is also the one that gives you the greatest control.

Tips for use

We recommend that coffees best suited for brewing methods be preferred. The freshly ground coffee should be placed in a filter in the porcelain filter holder, then the water poured at the desired rate. The ideal brewing temperature is between 92 and 94 degrees Celsius. Once the coffee is prepared, you can grab the filter holder by its handle or leave it in place at your convenience. The coffee flows directly into the light glass pourer, pourer that you can grab and re-deposit on the holder as you serve your guests and yourself.

Remember to keep the grounds to boost your plants.