Dragon Noir


Welcome to this French coffee estate, located on the wild island of La Réunion, where the rare and renowned Bourbon Pointu variety is cultivated. Dragon Noir is a unique brand that symbolizes the mystique and allure surrounding their cherished coffee. They pay meticulous attention to every step, from cultivation to thoughtful processes of fermentation and roasting.

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Despite the challenge of having limited suitable terroirs for growing Bourbon Pointu, we are relentless in our pursuit of producing exceptional coffee on our small parcels. The highlands of the west and south of the island, situated between 800 and 1200 meters above sea level, are where the best terroirs can be found. It is a stroke of luck that we have the privilege to cultivate this unique coffee in the western region at an altitude of 1000 meters.

Our plantation dates back to 2003 with the Cooperative de Café Bourbon Pointu. However, to showcase the coffee from my own terroir and in recognition of its exceptional taste, as acknowledged by our Japanese clients, the brand DRAGON NOIR was born just 3 years ago. It is a micro- enterprise, independent of the cooperative. Our mission is to pursue excellence in every aspect, including taste and body. We focus heavily on fermentation and roasting techniques to bring out the extreme flavors of our beans.
Our future projects include maximizing the use of available land to grow more coffee plants and opening a boutique on the farm for visitors to enjoy tours and tasting experiences. We also plan to offer customers derivative products such as caramel, chocolate, and more.