Our ambition: disrupt the world of coffee

Alternative Café launches the 4th wave of coffee, which becomes a local and authentic “terroir” product. Alternative Café's mission is to introduce you to the world's best roasted coffees, direct from their estates and houses. It sounds plain and simple, yet it's a bold project!

Let's talk coffee !

Coffee trees grow in Europe !                         

True     False   ?


Coffee trees do not grow in Europe ! Yet :

99,9% of the coffees that we drink here are European !


The coffee tree, native to Ethiopia, has been gradually adapted, acclimatized and introduced throughout the intertropical zone, now known as « the coffee belt ».


Its cultivation was intended for export, to meet the strong demand of European and then North American consumers. A real industry emerged, relying on green coffee, a standardized, financialized raw material, eventually roasted outside its origin country.

This industry has evolved through a series of waves, which coexist today.

Each wave brings its own “visual” and storytelling, through a new way of life that always manages to make us forget the tangible reality of the agricultural product grown in other latitudes. If today the “origin” of the beans is often highlighted, the coffee we get is still French, Italian, Swiss, Belgian, or German… as it was processed in these countries.

But then, where are the best coffees in the world ? At origin !


A growing number of producing countries are showing us that an alternative is possible and are no longer limiting themselves to producing the raw material that the coffee industry needs.

The ecological awareness, the growth of local coffee consumption, the increasing concern to consume local products and the desire to defend their terroir and their cultural specificities lead these territories to roast and valorize their own coffees.

From simple “farmers”, they become coffee-growers, producers, roasters, in search of the ultimate coffee, mastering the key steps, from plant to cup.

Arise real Estates and Coffee Houses, led by passionate men and women who offer us exceptional coffees!

What's their secret?

The became actors until the finished product, that is, roasted coffee !


When you taste your own coffee, when you understand what influences the end result, and when you try to perfect everything, you don’t look at your plantation and coffee trees the same way anymore.


We rediscover that coffee is a living product that can spark excitement.







Let’s talk Fairness !



Coffee has never been consumed so much in the world, yet the 125 million people who depend on it do not or barely make a living from their work.


Indeed, the current model lets the players from consuming countries capture the added value.

What does roasting at origin change ?

Everything !


The producers in their quest for quality adopt qualitative and greener cultivation practices, manual and selective pickings, processing methods magnifying the quality of the bean, to obtain a bag of roasted coffee that will stand out.


Also, their income improves and allows them to live with dignity.


It is this movement, both more humane and more sustainable, that Alternative Café wishes to accompany, becoming the first brand in Europe of coffees exclusively roasted at origin.

Then why is it bold ?



  • Alternative Café acknowledges the legitimacy of producers to make their own coffee. That’s a revolution !


  • Alternative Café invents a new moded considering coffee is a finished product, roasted at origin and ready for sale


  • Alternative Café improved the producers’ remuneration for a truly equitable sharing


  • Alternative Café works in direct with each partner and is always looking for new coffees to make available


  • Alternative Café wants the consumer to be able to live an experience absolutely unprecedented at each cup by offering a selection and a diversity of flavors continually renewed


  • Alternative Café wishes to protect the unmatched quality of whole bean roasted coffee, only state allowing the full preservation of the aromas and flavors






Alternative Café gives the consumer a chance to finally become a real actor and contribute to the improvement of the well being of coffee producers and their families with dignity instead of charity.


Through Alternative Café, get access to an exclusive selection of whole bean coffees.

Behind each coffee bag, discover a story, a terroir, and benefit from the know-how of passionate producers.


Last but not least, engage on a new adventure by joining the club of the coffee lovers that can enjoy the excellent coffees we are fortunate to see emerge !




And thus we are on the threshold of a…