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El Secreto

Costa Rica

This coffee is the result of nine years of an excellence program undertaken by the CoopeAgri cooperative. It comes from family fincas located between 1500 and 2000 meters above sea level benefiting from exceptional conditions. The result of the cup is a true credit to Costa Rican coffee farming.



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  • Origin Costa Rica
  • Varietal Catuaí, Caturra, Obatá, Híbridos, Villalobos, Villa Sarchí, Venecia
  • Altitude 1500 - 2000 m
  • Preparation Washed
  • Roast Type Medium
Tasting note
Don Claudio Gamboa - Fondateur
Founder of the cooperative, he was at the initiative of the creation of the beneficio, the ingenio, the roasting workshop and the first store, which allowed the cooperative to become what it is today.

The story behind

This café embodies the dream of Claudio Gamboa, founder of the cooperative. The aim is to transform the culture of coffee in Costa Rica by focusing on quality, showing respect for the land and the coffee farmers. 


After 9 years of hard work, this quality approach pays off as the result at the cup is exceptional. A small group of small producers produce state-of-the-art work and only their best beans are used for this very special coffee. El Secreto is then developed by the cooperative's master roaster.  


This value-added coffee allows the development of local communities and improves the quality of life of coffee farmers, and brings hope for a better future for Costa Rican coffee farming. 

The fincas participating in El Secreto are located in the regions of La Piedra de Rivas, San Jeronimo and Los Angeles. 

Located between 1500 and 2000 meters, the fincas are located on high-inclination land, worked in terraces to prevent erosion and facilitate the work of coffee trees and harvest by hand. The coffee trees are accompanied by complementary trees such as banana trees and avocado trees, in order to benefit from their shade and aura. There are also high-altitude forests and steppes.   


These regions were once devoted to crops other than coffee, as the climate was too cold and cloudy. Climate change in recent decades has provided the optimal conditions for the cultivation of complex and rich Arabica species. These regions now even represent the best potential in the country for the cultivation of quality coffee.

We are happy to offer you this first coffee resulting from our collaboration with CoopeAgri

This is the very first time this great coffee is commercialized outside of Costa Rica while being roasted at origin, most of the production still leaving the country as green coffee, unfortunately.