Costa Rica

CoopeAgri is a cooperative of Costa Rican coffee farmers that was created more than 50 years ago. They took the chance of roasting and commercializing their own coffee on the local market. For the past ten years, they have been working hard to improve the quality of their methods in order to bring to life coffees they can be proud of. 

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It was under the leadership of Claudio Gamboa, coffee farmer, that the cooperative was born 58 years ago.


It brings together thousands of small coffee producers looking to work together and achieve the dream of working coffee from the seed to the cup. The cooperative is now able to generate value for the whole community, not only by exporting green coffee, but also and above all by roasting their coffees for the local market. Their technical expertise in sorting beans and roasting, combined with their focus on making a difference, give Costa Ricans the chance to enjoy Costa Rican coffee roasted locally instead of it being shipped back from abroad.

Through the Don Claudio project, the cooperative is betting that the consumer will encourage better practices, more respectful of the environment and of the dignity of the coffee farmers, while honoring coffee as a fine product.


By training the farmers and finding a market for a more qualitative and ethical coffee (but necessarily more expensive to produce), the cooperative can change the history of coffee in its regions by showing all those who wish to change the world of coffee that it is actually possible.
The family estates involved in the project can now live off coffee farming, their work being recognized and paid for. This encourages them to be passionate about coffee and allows other members of the co-op to be optimistic about the future.