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Espresso Automatic Machine 5'20 by Nivona

This Nivona espresso machine focuses on the essential: the cup. Thanks to the Aromatica system, the release of the aromas of the coffee beans is exceptional. Using the machine is very straightforward and easy. The machine is under warranty for 2 years.

We offer two coffee bags of our roasted at origin coffees for any purchase of a Nivona machine. 


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• An exceptional espresso 

• Essential, Handy, Robust

• Very easy to use


The NIVONA machines stand out through the richness of the result in the cup, thanks to the excellence of the Nivona percolator and their technologies developed between Germany and Switzerland.


The 5'20 machine is very easy to use, hassle free. Thus the drink selection is simplified thanks to the unequivocal control buttons: the digital screen only comes as a support, and the user is in full control without depending on the electronics. 

Compact and elegant, it will easily find its spot at home or at work. If you will make the most of the technologies of the machine by serving espressos, you can also make your coffee black. Its hot water function lets you prepare tea or infusions, while its spumatore makes cappuccino and other milk-based drinks easy to prepare manually. The coffee present in the bean tank is not to everyone's taste ? A ground coffee hatch allows you to serve a different coffee immediately. 


Our status as an authorized reseller allows us to react quickly if you encounter any issues, as we are in regular contact with the brand. In order to ensure quality follow-up and to stay in touch with coffee lovers, Nivona selects its resellers. We share a similar way of thinking and we are proud to collaborate with them. 


Pump with 15 bar pressure – Max Consumption of 1455 W (Eco mode consumption 0 W) ; Adjustable nozzle in height (up to 14 cm) ; Digital Screen ; Conical grinder in hardened steel ; Aroma protection Lid ; Bean tank of 250 g ; Removable water tank of 2,2 L ; Automatic monitoring of water and bean levels ; Cup holder with warming function ; Aromes : 3 profiles ; Temperature : 3 levels ; Grinder : 3 levels ; Adaptable drink volume : 20 – 240 ml


Machine dimensions : 24x34x46 cm

Claris Filter not provided

Aromatica system

All the Nivona machines we offer benefit from the Aromatica system and Nivona’s 15 bar percolator, for an excellent cup. They carry out a pre-infusion that ensures the coffee ground is prepared before the arrival of the 15 bar pressured water, to release the aromas optimally. You may chose between three different extraction modes, depending on your preferences and according to the chosen coffee.

Coffee giveaways

Along with your machine, we offer you two bags of our coffees of excellence. You will be able to enjoy them and use your machine without further delay.


Let us surprise you with coffees that come out particularly well as an espresso, for a pleasant tasting.

Tips for use and maintenance

It is highly important to maintain the good working condition of your machine. For this, let yourself be guided by the machine which will tell you when to proceed with the different types of cleaning.

The first one is the cleaning of the percolator. All you need to do is to extract it from the machine thanks to its handle, and pass it under cold water. Allow it to dry before putting it back in place.

The second one is the descaling of the machine. Make sure you are using the right product, at the right dosage. You can acquire the Nivona cleaning kit intended for this purpose.

The last one is the cleaning of the spumatore nozzle, which will be regularly asked for. Be careful, it is recommended to rinse the nozzle every time you use milk.

In addition, the use of the Claris filter (not provided with this model) in the water tank is highly recommended in case of calcareous water.