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Grinder Intense Electric

This model stands out through its stability and finish. Its design is also well thought out. Easy to clean, the bean tank is removable. It can deliver all grind sizes and remains very easy to use.


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• Practical, Simple, Efficient

• The essential accessory to enjoy a freshly ground coffee

The BEEM range stands out for its quality, its robustness, and its well-thought-out systems. 

We almost forgot the coffee grinder, as the ubiquity of the capsules hides the real product: the coffee bean. But when you look for the authenticity and true taste of coffee, the grinder becomes indispensable to prepare it with care. Grinding the beans at the last moment preserves the richness of the aromas present in the beans. 


Removable bean tank of a 60g capacity ; Blade system ; Electric Power 150W