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French Press

This French Press presents the dual interest of being simple to use and brewing elegantly a freshly ground coffee for a unique result in the cup.


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• Simple, Solid, Beautiful

• Perfect for collective ritual

• Delicately express the roundness and finesse of the great coffees


The BEEM range stands out for its quality, its robustness, and its well-thought-out systems. 

This French Press is one of the most elegant on the market. Indeed, this French Press is a feat in its manufacture by presenting itself in a single block of transparency. The handle is an integral part of the structure, allowing it to be simple to clean. The combination of natural bamboo and glass adds an extra touch of sophistication.

This coffee maker can serve up to 8 cups through its capacity of 1L. Combined with a grinder and a kettle, it makes the preparation of coffee enjoyable, and invites the amateur to discover his preferences without going through complex operations.

There is a version of a lower capacity, to be found here.





Press jug with integrated handle, equiped with a washable steel filter piston ; 1L capacity ; Heat resistant jug made of borosilicate glass ; Coffee spoon in inox, to dose and clip-on

The French Press is making a comeback among the favorite brewing methods.

Incidentally nicknamed “French” Press, it allows coffee to be infused in a softer way than the Pour Over method (filter preparation), the coffee expressing itself in the hot water bath.

Tips for use

We recommend that coffees best suited for brewing methods be preferred. The freshly ground coffee should be placed at the bottom of the coffee maker using the dose spoon, then half the water should be poured, before stirring so that the coffee is distributed throughout the coffee maker. To be repeated when you add the rest of the water. Then let it infuse for a few minutes.
Note that the grind size must remain high enough for the steel filter to push the grind back to the bottom.

Remember to keep the grounds to boost your plants.